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Are you earning enough?

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It is a question that we often ask ourselves – am I getting paid enough for the work I do? Well, there’s information out there that can help answer such questions. Career Junction is one of South Africa’s top online recruitment platforms, matching qualified candidates to jobs, with around 12,000 job postings available for review in a range of business settings.

Access to such a wealth of data makes Career Junction well placed to provide insights into salary expectations based on your position and sector. At the end of 2016, they published a salary review that looks at the top 10 sectors for employment, examining salary offers based on different levels of experience as well as comparing regional differences in pay. Here are some of the main findings from the review:

Notable Regional Differences

Building and Construction was the only sector where there were no regional differences in salary.

The Western Cape had markedly lower salary offerings for Architects and Engineers compared to Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal where salaries were comparable. The Western Cape does offer higher salaries for job seekers in Warehouse and Logistics, with KwaZulu-Natal bottom of the list. KwaZulu-Natal also has the lowest earning for employees within the ICT sector.

Gauteng offers significantly higher salaries to jobseekers in several sectors, including; Design & Media, Finance, Sales, Admin & Office support and Manufacturing & Assembly. This can be expected as Johannesburg is the business capital of the country and there is a higher demand for good employees. The cost of living is also higher so employees need to be compensated accordingly.

Lowest Paid Sector

The Warehousing & Logistics sector offers the lowest salaries to employees, with a high volume of low skilled jobs available. Packaging and Packing jobs pay the least at around R 4,000 per month with the most senior of positions in logistics management offering R 35,325 per month.

Highest Paid Sector

The information & Communication Technology and Architecture & Engineering sectors have, on average, the best-paid jobs within South Africa. These are thriving sectors that require skilled workers with extensive training, which is why such professionals can demand more money.

You can read the full Salary Review below to see if your pay matches the industry standards for your position.

South Africa Employment

In general, there have been some good signs for the South African economy and job seekers. Trading Economics reports encouraging findings on average wages in South Africa.

The average wage has increased from R 15,413 per month in January 2014 to R 18,104 per month in July 2016. The total number of employed reached 27.1 million last year, with the biggest gains in construction (an increase of 104,000 jobs).

Unfortunately, it has not been completely smooth sailing as the unemployment rate rose to its highest level since 2004. 27.1% of the population were jobless last year with large job losses in Manufacturing and Private Households.

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