Tips to find the best personal loan

There are many reasons to apply for a personal loan. You may need some extra cash to pay for unexpected bills or repairs to your car, or you may want to book a holiday and need the money upfront [...]

Tips to help you save

It is always a good idea to start saving. Having a healthy savings fund will provide you with the stability to make long-term investments (such as a deposit on a house), plan for retirement and [...]

How to build an emergency fund

An emergency fund is a great way of protecting yourself financially. Unfortunately, things can happen that we can’t plan for like family illness or car problems, which cost us money either [...]

The boundaries for debt collectors

It can be a troubling time when a debt collector is on your case. It’s a call we could all do without. Why you are being called can vary, from not paying your broadband bill to one of your [...]

Steps to follow when closing an account

When closing an account that hasn’t been used for a while, it makes sense to follow a few simple do’s and don’t’s to help you avoid unnecessary charges or fees. You should also consider the risks [...]

A guide to avoiding late payments

It’s important to know if you are late with a credit card payment, that it could have adverse effects on your credit rating. Although being late with a payment is a mistake that we can all make, [...]

Glossary of financial terms

This is a glossary of terms referenced in the consumer finance world to help you understand your credit and borrowing options better. If you do not see a term in the glossary and feel it should [...]

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