Steps to follow when closing an account

When closing an account that hasn’t been used for a while, it makes sense to follow a few simple do’s and don’t’s to help you avoid unnecessary charges or fees. You should also consider the risks [...]

Credit card spending tips

South Africa consumers utilise the services provided through credit cards to maintain their lifestyle, manage finances/cash flow and as a financial ‘security blanket’ when in need of extra cash. [...]

Taking out your first credit card?

Getting your first credit card can be exciting. A credit card brings a sense of financial maturity, providing access to money in times of need and opening doors to useful reward programs. A [...]

Choosing the right card for you

If you want a credit card, it is a good idea to first think about what you will be using the card for. There are a variety of credit cards on the market and each one comes with a different set of [...]

Credit Card Minimum Monthly Payments

If you’re new to credit cards and trying to find the best deal, it can be confusing comparing offers. Credit card issuers use a lot of financial lingoes that can often be difficult to understand. [...]