Same Day Loans

What is same day loan and how to get one

A payday loan in south africa piggy bank

In order to get a traditional personal loan, most banks will require you to wait days or even weeks for a decision. This isn’t convenient, particularly if you need cash in your account to meet an unforeseen emergency outgoing. This is where same day loan comes in to save you.

What is a same day loan

Same day loan is a fast cash loan that you can get approved for in a day.

In the past same day loans have never been easy to obtain, it’s got quite easier these days, especially if you use the right service same day loan in South Africa.

A same day loan comes in useful when a traditional loan can’t bridge a financial shortfall.

How to get a same day loan

Getting a same day loan can help you get through many different unexpected expenses or emergency situations. Often you do not have time to search the web looking for the best interest rates, repayment schedules and lenders.

It can be a headache to look through the specifics with regards to getting any line of credit. This is especially true if you are hoping to get your loans approved same day.

We have created a marketplace where you can review and compare the most reputable alternative financiers in South Africa. They understand that consumers of today need fast and affordable finance in a hurry.

Our real-time comparisons guide you through all the financial jargon to what really matters. You can review how much interest each lender charges with transparency on initiation fees and more.

For more information on a specific provider, you can click on the ‘more info’ link which outlines their policies and descriptions on the background of the company and any other services they may offer. It is right under the companies’ logo.

Compare and apply today

We believe everyone should have the best choices in one convenient location when considering a loan. Having access to the right information before making such choices with your money is key and avoids any surprises during the application process with your chosen lender.

Friendly Finance provide you with the right information, so if you have any questions on any of our referral partners, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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