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For the most affordable loans, Cape Town residents need look no further than Friendly Finance. Our innovative comparison tools make it simple to view several loan offers side by side and select the loan that best meets your needs. Get the full picture of the actual cost of your loan and what you must do to qualify when you use our system to find and apply for your loan.

Loans available to residents of Cape Town

South African lenders offer loans for various purposes. Mortgage loans make it possible to purchase a new home or upgrade an existing residence. If you are in the market for a new car, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle, a loan will help you complete your vehicle purchase and get driving right away. You can even use a loan to consolidate your debts. Simply get a personal or collateral-based loan that represents the sum total of all your debts and use it to pay off each individual lender. You will be left with one monthly payment at an interest rate that will likely be much lower than the average interest rate you are currently paying to your creditors.

Business loans in Cape Town

When it comes to loans, Cape Town business owners may need to borrow money to start or expand their company.  Lenders can extend small business loans or business expansion loans to companies throughout South Africa, especially businesses in Cape Town. A loan is also the product you will need if you want to borrow money to begin or complete construction. Our tools allow you to sort through many different loans and lenders so that you can be sure you are getting the best terms.

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They say that “time is money,” and this is as true when it comes to finding and applying for a loan as it is with other areas of life. Here at Friendly Finance, we will help you find the best loan terms while they are still available. The service we offer to our customers cannot be beaten, and by using our online search tool, you will find out everything you need to know about all your various loan options.

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