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Why do you need fast loans?

Many of us live from payday to payday, not able to save money for a rainy day. Without an emergency fund, we can find ourselves left short of cash when we are faced with occurrences like unexpected bills or car repairs. In such times, when money is needed right away, we can turn to fast loans to help our cash flow. Payday lenders offer such loans to online customers with the repayment of the loan on your next payday.

However, looking for a loan online can be confusing as there are so many lenders to choose from. It can be difficult to know who to trust or where to find the best deal, and if you need money quickly you don’t want to spend a lot of time researching your options. Luckily, Friendly Finance can help. We are a comparison site that allows you to search and compare fast loans. Here are a few reasons why you should use our tools to help you look for a loan.


We vet and research all the lenders we work with to ensure they are secure. For example, every lender should be licensed by the NCR (National Credit Regulator) and we search the NCR databases to be confident our providers abide by regulations. You can be confident you are avoiding shady lenders by selecting one from our panel.

Fast and easy

We know that if you are looking for fast loans, you want the money immediately and don’t have the time to research your options thoroughly. Our tools compare the key details on each product side-by-side in one window, allowing you to make quick direct comparisons. You can sort and filter the tables by the loan features that matter to you, which makes finding the best offer simple. We compare the best lenders in the market, so you are not likely to find a better offer anywhere else.

All the details

When it comes to getting a loan, it’s good to have a thorough idea of what you are taking on. This involves, knowing all the product features and understanding the terms and conditions. But when searching for fast loans, do you have time to go through all of this on your own? That is why we provide detailed information on interest rates, fees, repayment terms, minimum eligibility and much more within the lender profile. We want you to have everything on hand to decide whether a loan is right for you.

Make sure the loan is affordable

When you have done your search, and decided on a fast lender, make sure the loan is affordable before applying. If you struggle to meet repayments, you could spiral into debt and find yourself worse off. Do a quick monthly budget analysis, listing all your expenses against your income to see how much you could afford as a loan repayment each month. You can then use our loan calculator tools to work out the total cost of the loan and how much the monthly repayments may be. This will help you find an affordable fast loan.

The team at Friendly Finance is ready to help you every step of the way. If you need any assistance while searching for and comparing fast loans, please contact us today. Customer service is our highest priority, and we will do everything in our power to help you find the right loan for your situation.

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