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The online financial landscape is inundated with financial promotion websites. There are so many financial terms related to instant online loans. These loans are essentially the same as payday loans, short-term loans or cash loans. Online loans have grown in popularity in recent years in South Africa. This is largely down to their convenient nature and being able to select exactly how much you want to borrow over a chosen timeframe.

Before instant online loans existed, people used to visit high street banks for small loans and be rejected due to the nature of the bank’s lending criteria. Larger retail banks have traditionally only serviced customers looking for larger personal loans or mortgages. This welcomed a new breed of alternative financiers to offer fast and convenient online loans for the new age consumer.

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Instant online loans make it possible for you to get the money you need for that emergency or other expense right away. Friendly Finance is helping countless South Africans get quick access to the funds they require. We make it simple to access loans from a variety of respected short term loan providers. Using our super simple comparison service, you can quickly identify which lender offers the loan amount you’re looking for. If you require a larger loan above R8,000, and looking to pay it back over a longer period, you should visit our table of competitive personal lenders.

Will I qualify?

Every lender has what’s called basic or minimum underwriting criteria. Before applying you can you can view more information within our lenders ‘more info’ pages which outlines all any fees and interest rates attached to that offer. It also highlights their basic minimum criteria for you to help assess your creditworthiness. Knowledge is power, you should feel confident you understand the conditions of the loan prior to your application.

As an added benefit, you can also quantify how much a loan will cost by using our short-term loan calculator. Once you’re done reviewing, you simply just close the window to continue your search.

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The convenience and speed of our search engine, along with our quality customer service, make Friendly Finance your best source for instant loans online. Start your search today to find out the instant online loans for which you qualify. If you’re on the move, you can save your results and email them to yourself review later. Simply clicking your preferred options to the left of the logo within the lender table and entering your address near the bottom of the screen. Easy!

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