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Small loans

There are times of need when we can find ourselves in a situation and we need to borrow money quickly. This is when a small loan can come into play. Small loans in South Africa are categorised as short-term loans or payday loans, where a borrower requires a quick cash fix for an emergency expense. Small loans typically range from R100 to R8,000 and can be paid back over a few days or months.

How do I apply?

Lenders within our panel are pragmatic and understand that urgent small cash needs to be financed quickly. Once you have reviewed your shortlist of lenders, you can apply directly within the table. Upon selection, you’ll be redirected to an application page which will involve manually inputting some personal information and financial details to assess your creditworthiness. This assessment shouldn’t take the small loans lender more than 10 – 15 minutes. You will need to provide them with supporting documentation to upload such as; pay slips or bank statements. This is required by every lender, so they can pinpoint your ability to pay them back over the course of the loan agreement.

Why Friendly Finance?

Friendly Finance connects you with lenders that understand every person’s financial needs are unique.  It’s crucial to find a small loan that fits your situation and our comparison feature makes that a snap. In seconds, you can compare loans that meet your criteria based on interest rates, repayment terms and more. Obtaining the cash you need has never been faster, easier, or more convenient.

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